Aroma King 2000 Disposable Vape Pod - Box of 10

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Flavour: Blueberry

Blue Razz Ice
Cool Mint Lemon
Grape Ice
Hawaiian Pog
Iced Honey Pomelo
Mango ice
Menthol Bubble
Passion Fruit
SKU: VSUK-AK2000-20-Blueberry

Aroma King 2000 Disposable Pod Device boasts outstanding quality and durability. This vape pen contains 2ml of Prefilled e-liquid and comes standard with a Built-In Brand Battery. Additionally, this device features a variety of delicious flavors, allowing users to find the perfect taste.


  • Built-in Battery
  • Pre-Filled Pod Tank
  • Draw Activated
  • No maintenance, charging or refilling is needed.
  • Compact, Light, & Portable
  • Available in 10 Flavors
  • Box of 10
    Additional Information

    Blueberry, Blue Razz Ice, Cool Mint Lemon, Grape Ice, Hawaiian Pog, Iced Honey Pomelo, Mango ice, Menthol Bubble, Passion Fruit, Taffee