Yeti Sourz Shortfill 100ml E-Liquid - 0MG


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Flavours: Sour Grape Ice

Sour Grape Ice
Sour Apple Pear Ice
Sour Cherry Raspberry Ice
Sour Blue Raspberry Ice
Sour Raspberry Watermelon Ice
Sour Tropical Ice

Yeti is a premium vape brand from the UK and has been making mouth-watering e-juice. Experience a puckering journey with the perfect mix of sour snow mixed with chilled green and purple grapes, leaving your taste buds refreshed and satisfied.

  • 100ml of E-liquid
  • 0mg Nicotine Strength
  • 70% VG / 30% PG
  • Recyclable Bottle
  • Designed For Sub Ohm Vaping
  • Childproof Cap
  • Tamper Evident Seal


Additional Information

Sour Grape Ice, Sour Apple Pear Ice, Sour Cherry Raspberry Ice, Sour Blue Raspberry Ice, Sour Raspberry Watermelon Ice, Sour Tropical Ice